Rachel Love Nuwer-the good, the bad, the poached

rachel love nuwer

Witnessing the burning of stock piled ivory, meeting the world’s last male northern white rhino, going under cover as a prostitute and drinking cocktails with an illegal wildlife buyer might seem like a far cry from a childhood spent in Biloxi, Mississippi but for science journalist Rachel Love Nuwer, these experiences are just part of the job.

In this episode of MHP Rachel talks about her acclaimed first book, Poached and some of these interesting yet heartbreaking adventures. She discusses the complexities around the illegal wildlife trade and explains just why she’s so willing to take risks in order to change global mindsets.

Rachel Love Nuwer is an award-winning journalist reporting on numerous topics from science and travel to food and adventure . She writes for for the New York Times, National Geographic, BBC Future and many others and has just published her first book-Poached: Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking

You can find out more about Rachel at http://www.rachelnuwer.com/.

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