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Over the years I’ve  gotten tired of being  bombarded with all the doom and gloom stories of our planet in crisis. With so many issues to face and only the bad stuff to hear about-I needed to find some stories of hope and some people to inspire me-to stop myself from not wanting to get out of bed each day.


So I became a seeker of planet heroes, and a few years ago along with my friend Dr.Barbara Royal, found 101 animal and environmental advocates who could give me and everyone else 101 great reasons to get out of bed.


Scientists like Jane Goodall and Sylvia Earle, film maker Louie Psihoyos, eco- racecar driver Leliani Munter,  business leaders Richard Branson and Paul Hawken along with rock stars, authors, artists, conservationists, economists and young solutionaries all shared their passions, fears and hopes in a book called One Hundred and One Reasons To Get Out of Bed.


This podcast is an extention of that book. 


It is my deepist wish that each week you’ll find  some inspiration and hope from the incredible people you’ll meet on My Home Planet -those who share their passionate journeys on behalf of our beautiful earth.


Thank you for joining me-I’m thrilled to be sharing My Home Planet with you.




My childhood years were spent in suburban Australia with a backyard full of beetles, birds, spiders and lizards.  Later I lived in Canada and then New York City, learning to embrace a different kind of nature.

A lover of the planet by design, I was a photographer by profession for for over 20 years working for publishers, editorial and advertising clients, and projects for the UNDP. My work  allowed me to travel extensively and I am grateful that I've been able to experience nature in many different parts of the world, and in many different forms.


I am a volunteer at my local wildlife rescue organisation WIRES, hold a BArts degree from UCONN, am a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and act as a pre-selection judge for the 2017-18 New York Wild film festival. 

I also have another little podcast about antidotes to our feelings of eco-angst or 'solastalgia' called Ant to Sol, and recently launched an environmental podcast channel called twig.fm -as a way to amplify the voices and stories of women podcasters and their guests whose mission is to celebrate and nurture our beautiful planet. 


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