Michael Stocker-A Time to Listen

ocean research center

With a childhood fascination for aquariums and a passion for music, it’s little wonder that Ocean Conservation Research founder Michael Stocker has made championing the sounds of our oceans his life’s work.

In this episode of MHP, this humble jazz fan shares some of those childhood memories. He talks about why he set up OCR, using Kurtosis as a measuring tool, his role as a translator- and why 911 impacted our oceans. Michael also shares some of his favourite sounds and reveals the one sound he wants us all to hear.

Michael Stocker is a naturalist, acoustician, musician and the founding director of Ocean Conservation Research is a not for profit centre made up of scientists, engineers and ocean advocates dedicated to improving the environmental health of our oceans. With a focus on marine-bioacoustics, Michael has published and presented numerous research papers and articles to governments and organizations around the world and is the author of the fascinating book: Hear Where We Are : Sound, Ecology, and Sense of Place (Springer 2013)

You can find out more about Michael and OCR on the great resource website www.ocr.org

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