Joel Hanna-The Power of Big Little Brushes

Most of us take brushing our teeth for granted. But for many people, around the world and close to home, access to dental hygiene is a luxury.

In this episode of MHP Joel Hanna, founder of the social enterprise Big Little Brush

shares his own story of dental neglect and how this opened his eyes to impacts the impacts of poor dental health on individuals and communities. He explains the saintliness of his mum, tells of the joy in helping others and why his children might just end up without friends at their birthday parties.

Joel Hanna’s day job is as the Agile Team Facilitator at Xero Australia. His other job is as the co-founder of Big Little Brush- a social enterprise that sells sustainable bamboo toothbrushes. Launched late 2017 100% per cent of the BLB profits helps fund primary health programs in Indigenous communities around Australia.

You can learn more about Joel and Big Little Brushe at: and

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