Tshering Lama O'Gorman-Heroine of The Himalayas

tshering lama ogorman snowleopard nepal

While growing up at the foothills of the Himalayas, Tshering Lama O’Gorman couldn’t imagine that she’d find herself years later living in the biggest city in Australia. As the program director of the Australian Himalayan Foundationthough, she returns to Nepal frequently and sees the changes -both good and bad, to her homeland- first hand.

In this episode of MHP, Tshering discusses her career for for NGO’s around the world. She shares the critical work of the AHF on the ground and with their focus on education, health and the environment. She explains the issues affecting her beloved Snow Leopards, the importance of community conversations around the impacts of climate change, and what she hopes her son will learn about nature.

Tshering Lama O’Gorman is the Program Director of the Australian Himalayan Foundation. She’s worked for several NGO’s globally including as a senior manager for the WWF. Tshering has a master’s degree in natural resource management and another in human geography. She lives in Sydney, Australia.

Just a note-while I mention in the podcast that there are about 3500 snow leopards left in the wild, there are some reports that there could be as many as 7000.

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