Harriet Spark-Making Promises to Grumpy Turtles

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She may have grown up in an idyllic part of the world, but for Harriet Spark, her teenage years were difficult and unfulfilling.

In this episode of MHP, this graphic designer and environmental warrior explains a how taking a dive into the unknown changed her life and made her appreciate what she does and doesn’t need to be happy.

She talks about crazy crown of thorns, living on an uninhabited island, her passion for conservation through creative communication, her love of grumpy turtles and why straws really do suck.

Harriet Spark is a graphic designer, dive instructor and ocean advocate. She founded Grumpy Turtle Designs-choosing to work with earth conscious businesses and campaigns. She’s also spearheaded several environmental initiatives, the lasts being Operation Straw which sees volunteers meet up each weekend for ‘strawkels’-helping to clean up Manly Cove and gather vital research on the amount of plastic waste (specifically straws) located there.

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