Dermot O'Gorman-Optimism in Challenging Times

Dermot O’Gorman grew up with nature right outside his front door. So, little wonder then, that his first job was with National Parks in Australia. An epiphany though and a deep desire to solve meaningful global environmental challenges led him out of the local wilderness and into an impressive career with the WWF.

In this episode of my home planet, this patient (especially with interview technical difficulties) and thoughtful man chats about his formative years-how he followed his passion for conservation and why, sometimes career advisors don’t give the best advice.

Dermot discusses the ways in which WWF has evolved in the past 50+ years, the four major challenges he thinks humanity faces and how technology might help with some of those. He explains the reasons behind why the organization partners with businesses which have some of the biggest carbon foot prints in the world, and why, in the face of seemingly overwhelming global problems he remains optimistic.

Dermot O’Gorman is the CEO of WWF Australia. After a graduating from the London School of Economics, he began working with WWF in 1998 in the UK. During his remarkable career, he has served as the CEO of WWF China and Pacific. Passionate about the big picture of conservation and Delivering solutions at scale Dermot strives to find common ground between communities, other NGO’s, businesses and government to help work towards a healthier planet for us all.

This will be the last My Home Planet podcast for this year. Thanks for listening in, your support for the show is really appreciated. I’ll be back in late January with more new interviews with remarkable people dedicated to our beautiful planet.

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