Edwina Walsh-Becoming A Bamboo Monkey

Edwina Walsh Bamboo Monkey

Ethical fashion wasn’t something Edwina Walsh (or most children) have on their minds growing up. And while always interested in clothes she didn’t really consider a career in fashion either as a young girl in Melbourne.

Yet a successful fashion career she made, one which led her to work with global brands, study in New York and ultimately start her own ethical fashion label called Bamboo Monkey.

In this episode of MHP this wonderful earth advocate discusses her fashion evolution. She chats about the highs and lows of the fashion world; how our clothes are produced, what happens to them once we get bored and why she’s not afraid to admit to her ignorance about our most commonly used fabric. Edwina also shares the life changing impact that a trip to Bangladesh had on her, how she became a bamboo monkey and why she calls herself a ‘climate realist’.

Edwina Walsh is the founder of the eco-friendly fashion brand Bamboo Monkey, an ultra-modern range of luxurious lifestyle wear designed for the everyday woman, made from extra soft bamboo and cotton blends. Edwina also mentors women as part of the Global sister’s project, helping them launch their own businesses and is a keen supporter of many other like-minded initiatives.

Fortunately for us too, Edwina is a Twig.fm ambassador.

You can find out more about Edwina, her company and those she supports at www.bamboomonkey.com.au

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