Moontime Medicine Maker

Dorothée Sophie Royal

One of Dorothée Sophie Royal’s first encounters with nature was giggling at a rose when she was only a few days old. And while she didn’t always consider herself a plant person, life had other ideas for this author, artist and moontime medicine maker.

In this episode of MHP, Doro chats about her unusual upbringing, how she went from a degree in Political Science to hosting a popular organic food show, working for the Bioneers initiative, and founding MoonTent Co.

She tells of her experiences at Standing Rock, the importance of exploring ancestry, shares what she wants to teach her son and explains why snacks are a great motivator to climb a mountain.

With a deep passion for Mother Earth, Dorothée celebrates the feminine. She acknowledges how much plants have to teach us, and tells why she’s no longer afraid of the ‘p’ word.

Dorothée Sophie Royal is a writer, artist and medicine maker. She founded MoonTentCo as a space of self-care for women of power. She also hosts a monthly podcast called MoonWise that invites listeners to tune into nature's cycles within and without.

you can learn more about Dorothée and her magical work at

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