Jeff Hansen-Pirate of Compassion

Sea Shepherd Jeff Hansen

As Sea Shepherd celebrates 40 years on the frontline of marine conservation, defending, conserving and protecting our oceans, Jeff Hansen explains why he doesn’t want any more birthday presents.

In this episode of MHP, this mild-mannered ocean warrior chats about everything from chronic fatigue to concussion grenades, albatrosses and Antarctica.

He shares his memories of that first trip at sea-the camaraderie between crew, volunteers and supporters. He explains the serious new risks that Japan poses to whales, how the Jolly Roger came to be, why his small list of Sea Shepherd wins is so huge and why he hopes Sea Shepherd won’t be around in another 40 years.

A qualified Electronic and Computer Engineer, Jeff Hansen is the Managing Director of Sea Shepherd Australia. Jeff lives in Perth, Western Australia where, in his spare time he and his wife Marina rescue and rehabilitate wildlife. He features in the new film Operation Jeedara, a documentary about protecting the Great Australian Bight.

You can learn more about Jeff and the work of Sea Shepherd Australia at and the work of Sea Shepherd globally at

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