Sean Willmore-Protecting Nature’s Protectors

Sean Willmore Thin Green Line

By his own admission, Sean Willmore was living a pretty good life as an Australian bush ranger.

So what caused this contented man to sell his car, re-mortgage his house and take off around the world?

Always on the go, in this episode of MHP, Sean chats about this monumental decision and why he’s dedicating his life to helping protect the protectors of wildlife, who are standing on the thin green line.

He tells some heart breaking statistics and stories of fellow rangers plights and explains how his foundation supports these wildlife defenders and their families. He shares his admiration for his dear friend Jane Goodall and why explains why ‘integrity’ and ‘serendipity’ are two of his favourite words.

Bush ranger, conservationist and documentary film-maker Sean Willmore is the founder of The Thing Green Line Foundation. Traveling over 12 months to 23 countries to uncover the perils facing wildlife rangers and their families, Sean created the documentary The Thin Green Line in 2007.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the film and the foundation and this July you can host a free screening of the film and also stand up for rangers on world ranger day July 31st. For Details and more information about Sean and his fantastic work go to

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