Suzanne Rogers-Exploring Human Behaviour Change

As a child Suzanne Rogers was fascinated by the interactions between humans and non-human animals. With a career in animal welfare, she’s had plenty of time to observe not just animal behaviour but human behaviour as well. So with a deep desire to understand human behaviour towards animals, Suzanne founded the Human Behaviour Change for Animals initiative.

In this episode of MHP, Suzanne discusses the Initiative and shares her insights into the complexities around human behaviour change not just for animals but for ourselves as well. She chats about everything from her love of TED talks, why she dislikes bad TV and the impact the film Blackfish had on audiences worldwide. And she also explains how sometimes education and awareness doesn’t always lead to behaviour change.

Suzanne Rogers is an animal welfare consultant, equine behaviourist and the founder of Human Behaviour Change for Animals. A former science journalist with a degree in microbiology, Suzanne has worked for numerous animal welfare organizations including World Animal Protection. She is also the co-founder of Change For Animals Foundation and founder of Learning About Animals.

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