Carolyn Mullin-Imagining The Animal Museum

While she may have pursued a degree in Religious studies, Carolyn Mullin’s primary devotion is to animals. As the founder of the United States first Animal Museum, Carolyn works to educate the public with a living history of the animal protection movement, animal studies and humane education as a way of enriching the lives of both human and non-human animals.

In this episode of MHP this remarkable woman chats about her activist roots, working with local communities and local governments to improve the welfare of animals. She explains how a picture of Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur helped inspire her commitment to creating the museum, shares surprising facts about the history of Humane Education and explains just why she has a tattoo of a quote from Carol J. Adams.

Carolyn Merino Mullin is the founder of the incredible Animal Museum in Los Angeles. She has over 16 years experience in the non-profit sector working on critical campaigns for animal welfare and children’s education. Her writings have been published on numerous books and journals and in 2016 she was awarded the Belton Mouras Grassroots Leadership Award from the National Council of Animal Protection. You can find out more about Carolyn and the Animal Museum at

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