Thandiwe Mweetwa-All For The Love of Wild Dogs

Even though Thandi Mweetwa grew up in one of the most wildlife rich countries on the planet, her first memory of that wildlife was from watching TV and hearing the stories of her mother’s childhood. Those stories had such a profound impact that Thandi worked hard to create her dream job and became an integral part of the Zambian Carnivore Program.

In this episode of MHP Thandi (along with a very loud cricket), chats about Canadian anatomy classes, the reproductive life of lions, the joy of heading up the ZCP’s education programme when she’s not out in the field, and her deep love of wild dogs.

Thandiwe Mweetwa is a wildlife biologist, educator and senior ecologist with the Zambian Carnivore Program. She has a BSc in Animal Science from the University of British Columbia and a Masters from the University of Arizona. She was named a 2016 National Geographic Emerging Explorer.

You can find out more about Thandi and the ZCP at www.

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