Emanuele Biggi-Amphibians, Aliens and Heavy Metal

Emanuele ‘Ema’ Biggi would not take offence if you'd called him a nerdy bug collector as a child, in fact he’d take it as a compliment. From the minute he could shake the hedge by his kindergarten and wonder at how insects would magically appear, he was hooked on all things creepy crawly.

In this episode of MHP this naturalist, photographer and Italian TV presenter shares his love for the underrated and sometimes under loved creatures we share the planet with. He chats about his tools of the trade, acting as a ‘perspective motion control system’, why less charismatic species deserve respect and his surprising second career in heavy metal.

Emanuele Biggi has a PhD in Marine Sciences. When not working as a TV presenter on the very popular show: GEO, Ema can be found out in the field, writing and photographing for various international publications, with a focus on microcosm animals and their conservation. He is an advisor for Italian Parks, curates scientific exhibitions all over Italy and lectures in Naturalistic Disclosure at the University of Genoa.

You can find out more about Emanuele at www.anura.it

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