Rodney Habib-Humble Rock Star of Pet Health

With 40 million + news feed views a week, you’d think that Rodney Habib would be a household name. Yet while many of us might not be familiar with him, for his 1.5 million Facebook subscribers he is the rock star of pet parents.

In this week's episode you learn that far from letting these startling statistics go to his head, Rodney not only remains humble, but feels even more responsible for bringing the most researched and in some cases controversial information on companion animal health to the world.

From a childhood without pets to now traveling the planet sharing his research with his adoring fans, Rodney speaks of the tragedies behind his almost obsessive drive to keep our best friends healthy. He chats about the issues around food and cancer, why a dog called Molly lived to 30, and why he wants to launch a rocket ship of healthy information into the future.

Rodney Habib is and award-winning blogger, writer, lecturer and founder of Planet Paws. Through his entertaining and informational social media videos he acts as a middleman between the research and a public who is concerned and confused about what it takes to keep their animal friends in peak health.

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