Jo-Anne McArthur-A Life-long Dedication to WeAnimals

When greeted by the radiant smile and gentle laugh lines around photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur’s eyes, it’s difficult to imagine the horrors that those eyes have born witness to in bringing the world images of ‘the invisibles’.

In this episode of MHP Jo chats about what drives her to photograph and document the plight of captive, farmed and abused animals all over the world, her techniques for making those remarkable images-which serve as both a window and a mirror into human behaviour, and the benefits of viewing things from a wide angle.

She talks about her upcoming book Captive, coping with PTSD, why women in advocacy should and are be celebrated in her Unbound project, her idea of happiness and why she’ll continue to do what she does until she dies.

Jo-Anne McArthur is a photojournalist and educator. She travels the globe documenting the use, abuse and issues faced by our non-human kin. She is the subject of the award-winning Canadian Documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine and is the author of WeAnimals a book based on her life’s work. Her upcoming book Captive is available this April and her Unbound project highlighting women on the front lines of animal advocacy can be found at You can learn more about Jo at

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