Debora Soutar-Guardian of Trees And The Great Blue Heron

From a young girl camping in the wilderness of Ontario to becoming a life long tree hugger, it’s clear that Debora Souter loves nature.

This former silviculture specialist now spends her time at The Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in British Columbia, Canada. In this episode of MHP, Debora shares her talent for patterning, her travels on the Trans Siberian Railway, why she thinks that familiarity breeds fondness and her belief each day that she’s died and gone to heaven.

As a Blue Heron Reserve volunteer and educator, Debora teaches students and the public how to identify birds, care for other critters, hug buildings and the importance of looking up sometimes.

Debora Souter is a retired forester in British Columbia, Canada. She spends much of her time at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve helping to protect its pristine beauty and share her knowledge with others

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