Marc Bekoff-Compassionate Conservation and The Animals' Agenda

As a child in Brooklyn, Marc Bekoff grew up with, love, compassion, empathy and a goldfish.

Marc kept his compassion and become a compassionate conservationist. In this episode of MHP, Marc talks about his life; from a childhood spent asking what animals were thinking, to a career as a renowned leader in the field of animal behaviour and an acclaimed author of many books and scientific papers.

Marc chats about the importance of naming animals in science; why animal welfare just doesn’t cut it; taking Temple Grandin to task for her ‘Stairways to Heaven’, and why ‘the human age’ should be called the ‘rage of inhumanity’. Every Friday you’ll find him at the Boulder County jail and when he’s not writing prolifically or off on a marathon bike ride, he’ll be picking up a crappy novel from his bedside table.

Marc Bekoff is professor emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology a the University of Colorado. Amongst his many achievements he is a Guggenheim Fellow and co-founder with Jane Goodall of the Ethologists for Ethical Treatment of Animals: Citizens for Responsible Animal Behaviour Studies.

He has published over 30 books and his latest book The Animals’ Agenda, with co-author Jessica Pierce will be published in April 2017.

You can find out more about Marc at

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