Valerie Taylor-Living Legend, Conservation Champion.

Valerie Taylor-Living Legend, Conservation Champion

Valerie Taylor is a living legend.With her husband Ron, she went from being a spearfishing champion to one of the worlds biggest champions for ocean conservation.At eighty-one Valerie has had a remarkable life so far.

In this episode of MHP she talks about some of her incredible experiences; being knighted by the Dutch Royal family, her wonderful career as an underwater photographer, the backlash the film Jaws had on sharks, how eels make great friends and why tiger sharks are pussycats. She shares her admiration for fellow ocean advocate Sylvia Earle, why one person sitting on the steps of parliament is all it takes sometimes to see the right thing done and why most environmental groups are going about it all wrong.

Valerie Taylor along with her late husband Ron pioneered underwater photography and are considered Australia’s first marine conservationists.. Their numerous conservation efforts to protect marine areas and marine animals fill volumes, and Valerie's work on behalf of sharks is unmatched. Valerie’s incredible career has garnered numerous awards, including a knighthood by the Dutch royal family and the order of Australia. She is an American Woman Divers Hall of Fame Honoree and both she and Ron were inducted into the Australian Cinematographers Society Hall of Fame in 2011. At eighty-one years old, Valerie continues dive and to work tirelessly today for the protection of our oceans.

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