Juan Martinez-Empowering The Next Natural Leaders

Growing up in South L.A, Juan Martinez never envisioned what a sky full of stars looked like without the bright urban lights to mask them, or what birds chirping sounded like without the sounds of sirens and car horns.

Yet today, this environmentalist, educator and National Geographic Emerging Explorer shares his love of nature with youth- just like him as the founder of the Natural Leaders Network.

In this episode of My Home Planet, Juan explains how growing jalapeños and the determination of one teacher took him out of Compton and into the Grand Tetons; his steadfast belief in the interconnectedness of everything; why he’s dedicating his life to empowering and creating leaders for the planet, and why his day job is actually not a job at all.

Juan Martinez is a National Geographic explorer and director of the Children & Nature Network’s Natural Leaders Network. Working with strategic partners and grassroots leaders, he strives to empower the next generation of conservation and nature leaders to create positive change.

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