Paul Hawken- Project Drawdown's Surprising Solutions To Climate Change

As a fifth generation Californian Paul Hawken has seen many changes to the landscape of his childhood. Having access to wide open spaces and good food was something he almost took for granted but at 20yrs old Paul had a ‘duh’ moment which lead to him founding one of the U.S.A’s first successful organic food businesses.

Kenny Ausubel, the Bioneers founder says “Paul Hawken has a gift for making the impossible inevitable” and his latest ambitious initiative Project Drawdown is no exception. With the support of an incredible team including scientists, NGO’s, analysts, government agencies and companies, Paul talks about how Drawdown is setting about mapping, measuring and modelling the hundred most substantive solutions to climate change.

In this episode of MHP Paul chats about this latest work and some of the surprises he’s found, why believing in climate change is irrelevant to the cascading beneficial effects of those solutions, but, because it does exist we should see climate change as a transformative opportunity.

He discusses what he sees as our delusion of separateness from earth, why we can’t think clearly unless we are healthy, why he’s loving carbon and why we need to ask ourselves if climate change is happening TO us or FOR us.

Paul is best known for being an incredibly well respected environmentalist, entrepreneur and author -and is simply, a lovely man to talk to. Paul has written seven books, including four New York Times best sellers; The Next Economy, Growing A Business, The Ecology of Commerce and Blessed Unrest. He has served on the board of many environmental organizations and founded the first natural food company in the U.S that relied solely on sustainable agriculture.

The Project Drawdown book with its original data will be out in April 2017. The book will describe how these 100 solutions, when deployed at scale can lead us to a large impact climate drawdown. Find out more about Paul Hawken and not for profit initiative-Project Drawdown at:

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