Clare Dubois-Why The World Needs TreeSisters

What do you get when an earth loving sister drives into a tree in an apparent accident? TreeSisters of course. Meet Clare Dakin; change-maker, social entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker who was delivered a life changing message the moment she crashed into that tree.

In this episode of MHP, I’m grateful to chat to this remarkable woman and hear her story- from a tricky childhood to playing mother earth while hating ritual theatre. To moving from a place of fear into one of empowerment. Clare explains why women are the key to the climate change crisis, and how the car crash literally drove her to mobilise women from all over the world-to manifest a crowd-funding campaign which directs the brilliance, creativity and generosity of all women towards the reforestation of the tropics.

As an earth loving social entrepreneur Clare worked for 18 years creating change processes within the personal growth sector before becoming the UK co-ordinator for Project Green Hands (PGH), a massive agro-forestry initiative in southern India. As a result of a life changing message she was given, she founded TreeSisters, a crowd funding campaign designed to not just reforest the tropics but also facilitate a shift in consciousness, a re-wilding and a rebalancing of all humanity, with a core goal of respect and protection for all life on our beautiful planet.

Clare currently lives in the Bay Area of California and more can be found at:

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