Jonathan Balcombe-The Man Who Knows What a Fish Knows

So what exactly does a fish know? It’s a question that took acclaimed scientist and author Jonathan Balcombe on a 4 year journey of watery discovery-under the sea, through rivers and ponds and even into your own fish bowl.

Did you know fishes have morals, use tools and offer cleaning services with benefits? Or that they hunt co-operatively and form lifelong bonds? And what about that three second memory myth?

While we share this planet with more than 30,000 species of fish, we know so little about them. In this episode of MHP Jonathan demystifies the lives of fishes and debunks some of our preconceived notions about these aquatic wonders. He shares his story from a childhood love of nature to what part destiny has played in his life, his hope for changes in the way we view animals, and why Aristotle and Descartes have a lot to answer for. And of course What a Fish Knows.

Jonathan, ethologist, author and champion for animal welfare, is the current director for Animal Sentience with the Humane Society Institute For Science and Policy had published over 50 scientific papers and is the author of numerous acclaimed books like the wonderful Pleasurable Kingdom, Second Nature and The Exultant Ark and of course his latest book What a Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousins.

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