Kartick Satyanarayan-Helping Sloth Bears Dance To Freedom

Between emergency rescues and his undercover poaching investigations, it’s difficult to connect with Wildlife SOS co-founder Kartick Satyanarayan.

Fortunately for MHP he made time while on the road in India to chat about his life and the brilliant work of Wildlife SOS. From a childhood spent observing tigers up on a tree branch, to picking the wrong course at university, Kartick talks about the career he loves, including helping to eradicate the illegal dancing bear trade in India.

He has dressed as a holy man to investigate the poaching of pangolins, tackled the complexities of elephant rescues and turned to Gandhi for inspiration. In this episode, Kartick shares some remarkable stories and tells us why he feels such a great responsibility to be a voice for animals.

Kartick Satyanarayan is the Co-founder and Chairman of Wildlife SOS, India. He sits on numerous boards including the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, is a member of the IUCN Bear Specialist Group, a TED international Fellow, the recipient of several awards and is also a solar-sowered electric fences Specialist.

You can find out more about Kartick and the fantastic work of Wildlife SOS at www.wildlifesos.org

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