Clare Mann- Putting the V in Psychology

When Clare Mann was a child, her mother told her that her job was to love the unlovable. She grew up to become an existential psychologist and also to love teaching people to have the most difficult and crucial conversations of their lives.

In this episode of MHP Clare shares some more of her mothers insights, explains why Bob Geldof was single-handedly responsible for her becoming a vegan, why businesses want to work with her and why she likens our present day solutions to climate change to putting a band aid on arterial bleeding.

These days she finds herself not just running numerous communication programs for businesses, and working as a private therapist but also being sought out by animal and environmental empaths for her ability to truly understand some of the difficulties they face psychologically in a world which can sometimes seem overwhelmingly cruel.

Clare Mann is a Psychologist, best selling author of six books, and one of Australia’s key communications experts. She is the Editor In Chief of the digital business magazine Ethical Futures and the creator of a new app called Vegan Voices.

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