Fabian Dattner-Leading Women Scientists Homeward Bound

Fabian Dattner literally dreamed the Homeward Bound Project into being. Aimed at enhancing the influence and impact of women in science to ensure the sustainability of our beautiful planet, the inaugural 20 day homeward bound journey to Antarctica takes place later this year.

Fabian explains how her unique bohemian upbringing, running of a family business and interviewing literally thousands of people has made her one of the most well respected leadership coaches, social entrepreneurs and authors.

As Fabian and 78 female scientists get ready to set sail, she shares her goals for the voyage, reasons why the leadership of women hold the keys to saving the planet, and why some scientist were willing to bicycle backwards to be on the ship.

Social entrepreneur, speaker and leadership coach-Fabian Dattner is the founder of Dattner Grant and Compass-a leadership program for women. She is the co-founder of Homeward Bound and the author of 3 books on leadership.

The inaugural Homeward bound voyage sets sail Dec 2nd and a documentary called Leading Us Home will be made about the voyage .

You an find out more about the project at:


and about Fabian at www.dattnergrant.com.au

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