Alokparna Sengupta-Being Cruelty Free In India and Beyond

How did a patent analyst in Hyderabad become a driving force behind India’s Be Cruelty Free campaign? Meet Alokparna Sengupta who, in this episode of MHP chats about this historical ban, why she sleeps well at night and how a hen in a vet clinic changed her way of life.

As the Deputy Director of the Humane Society International /India, Alokparna along with her team and HSI support worked tirelessly to bring about not just India’s ban on animal testing in the cosmetics industry, but also the importation of animal tested cosmetics. This incredible achievement is for Alokparna, just the tip of the iceberg as she moves from the cosmetics industry to pesticides in her fight to end the needless suffering of animals.

In this episode of MHP Alokparna talks about her experiences growing up in West Bengal, witnessing the largest animal sacrifice in the world (Gadhimai festival in Nepal-now banned) and why animal welfare is actually part of human welfare.

Alokparna Segupta is the deputy director of Humane Society International/India and the campaign manager for Be Cruelty-Free India.

You can find out more about Alokparna and HIS/India at:

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