John Fenton-Impact is Everything-Fracking In Wyoming

Imagine living with the knowledge that today, your son might have a seizure or two, that your wife won't have proper feeling in her fingers or a sense of smell and that you still have sores all over your body just like the day before. Imagine wondering if one day you might be able to once again eat your food off real plates (instead of paper ones) or drink the water that comes from the tap. Then you might think back to a time before today, long ago when your rural farm land was free of 24 hr. a day bright lights, deafening noise and the visual assault of 24 coal seam gas wells outside your front door.

For John Fenton, the contrast between the time before and the time after EnCana rolled into his idyllic rural town of Pavilion, Wyoming is the reason he now gets up each day and tells the world his story-one of deception, pollution, ill health and despair.

In this episode of MHP John Fenton sits down with me in New England, NSW to tell his heartbreaking story. As we are accompanied by the orchestra of birds chirping in the gum trees outside, this gentle, humble man explains how he went from working for oil and gas to traveling the world sharing the destructive affects of the fossil fuel industry on the environment, community and the health of those he loves.

John Fenton was born and raised in Wyoming. A farmer and rancher, John was featured in the film Gasland. He now travels the world sharing his story and heralding a warning call to anyone who’ll listen about the huge and devastating impacts of the coal seam gas industry.

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