Kimberly Wells-Helping The Invisible Helpers

Do you ever look up at an ancient building and marvel at the incredible human power it must have taken to erect such a monument? Take the pyramids for instance, the acropolis, the Parthenon-I do. But I also imagine just how many animals it took to cart all the materials, to generate the energy and then work to the death quite often, to realize the dreams of man.

Today, in much of the world, animals still assist humans in daily life. Most of them are equines, horses, mules, donkeys-carrying everything from wood to coal to salt slabs-tirelessly and without complaint. In fact there are over 100 million equines working in fields, on farms, in factories and city centers.

Many of these animals live in countries where access to basic welfare is not an option and vets are unheard of.

Enter The Brooke, a charitable trust set up over 80 years ago by a remarkable English woman who saw the need to assist and support both animal and the humans who rely on them-

In this episode of MHP I have the pleasure of speaking with Kimberly Wells who is a critical member of The Brookes team. We’ll we find out why this is Kim’s dream job-traveling to far regions of the world, assisting, training and working with local communities who rely so heavily on equines to survive.

We’ll find out about the challenges, successes and frustrations working as an animal welfare officer, and the remarkable things that The Brooke is doing to help the plight of equines throughout the world.

Kimberly Wells is the animal welfare office for The Brooke, with qualifications in animal bioscience, applied animal behavior and welfare science, veterinary nursing and adult education. She aspires to write a children’s book series to engage future generations in compassionate care for animals.

Please find more about Kim and The Brooke at:

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